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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

EQT AI expert Vilhelm von Ehrenheim joins Swedish startup QA.tech

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Vilhelm von Ehrenheim, an AI expert formerly at EQT, has become the Chief AI Officer and co-founder of Swedish startup QA.tech. QA.tech specializes in AI-driven tools for streamlining application testing. They aim to automate Quality Assurance (QA) testing processes using AI, thereby helping developers save significant time. Von Ehrenheim’s move signifies a strategic shift towards leveraging AI’s potential in revolutionizing the development process. The startup recently secured $1M in funding and is gearing up to launch a beta version of its tool, with von Ehrenheim playing a central role in this initiative.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the potential of AI-driven solutions, von Ehrenheim conveyed,

“I have worked with AI for a long time, but it’s only now that we are really starting to see the width of solutions that become possible. QA.tech has a clear vision of how AI can make the entire development process more efficient, and the potential is enormous.”

Launched earlier this year, QA.tech aims to craft an AI-centered tool dedicated to streamlining application testing, specifically QA (Quality Assurance) testing. This innovative tool operates as a virtual tester, diligently identifying potential issues across various web page functionalities such as search mechanisms, shopping carts, cookie banners, and login interfaces. By harnessing AI to automate the often time-intensive QA testing process, QA.tech seeks to empower developers by unlocking substantial time savings.

Daniel Mauno Pettersson, CEO, and co-founder of QA.tech expressed delight at von Ehrenheim’s decision to join the team, affirming,

“Vilhelm is one of Sweden’s leading AI experts and I’m incredibly happy that he’s joining us. The ambition is to scale up the team in order to release a beta version of our tool in the spring, for which we already have around twenty companies signed up for testing. Vilhelm will have a central role in this work.”

Before EQT, Vilhelm von Ehrenheim contributed to Klarna’s advancements, notably in developing an AI-based risk engine. Reflecting on his journey, von Ehrenheim likened his EQT experience to a startup’s evolution, stating, “I’ve always liked building things and EQT Motherbrain has been like a startup, where we’ve gone from three people when I started to almost 40 today. I look forward to making the same journey with QA.tech and building a new world-class AI team.”

In a notable financial stride, QA.tech secured $1M in a pre-seed funding round in September, led by VC firm byFounders. Among the investors are industry luminaries like Mikael Johnsson, co-founder of Oxx investment company and former partner at Amadeus Capital.

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