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Use Salesforce? Check Out Opptimal, An Icelandic Sales Pipeline View

If you attend the Arctic15 last October, you might remember Datatracker from Iceland in our pitching competition. Datatracker is being developed by the cloud service company Kaptio, which focuses on helping companies adopt Salesforce, Heroku, AWS, and Zuora. Now they tell us they’ve put out Opptimal, an app that works with the standard Opportunity object in Salesforce, but provides visualization in pipeline stages, like Trello or Pipedrive.

“We tend to work a lot with startups, but tech entrepreneurs often feel like the Salesforce.com user interface is a bit legacy and outdated. We started developing Opptimal to show the power of the Salesforce platform and to provide users with a more productive UX driven opportunity management tool” says Ragnar Fjölnisson, co-founder of Kaptio.

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He tells us that salesforce has evolved a lot over the years and has become more enterprise oriented, but they’re inspired by the UI innovations seen in other sales pipeline startups, and see a hole to fill for Salesforce users. Opptimal runs in HTLM5, so dragging and dropping tasks works nicely on tablets.

Currently Opptimal is looking for beta users, so if you use Salesforce it might be worth checking out.

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