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Urban Radar helps decarbonize urban freight through data driven planning

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Headquartered in Reims, France, Urban Radar was founded in 2019 by both sectorial and technology experts to help municipalities decarbonize urban logistics by providing easier, more sustainable and efficient urban planning solutions. Urban Radar is powered by a team currently made of 15 urban and tech experts that represent seven nationalities along with CEO Philippe Rapin who has worked with cities for 11 years and CTO Geoffrey Bir who has built successful data driven and smart city products. They are committed to build a sustainable future by accompanying municipalities in their environmental and societal transition with data solutions for sustainable planning.

Urban Planning is no longer an equation between cities, businesses and dwellers. With the recent surge in e-commerce and on demand delivery (+65% since 2015), public realm use and curb management are facing growing pains in urban areas. With an ambition to address these issues on an international scale, they created Urban Radar around three pillars that include enabling public decision-makers with visibility and insights regarding urban planning actions, providing predictive solutions that will enable cities’ environmental transition and promoting the excellence of European engineering, helping EU cities become sustainable models for cities worldwide.

Urban Radar targets to decrease the environmental impact of urban logistics

Urban logistics is responsible for up to 21% of global GHG emissions. Faced with this, public decision-makers and private actors must strive for carbon neutrality of territories while meeting the needs of citizens, without sacrificing the economic development of territories. Urban Radar is an impact driven company whose mission is to reduce the environmental impact of urban logistics, accounting for up to 21% of global GHG emissions.

Urban Radar
Understand freight traffic flows

Urban Radar’s cloud based products offer KPIs and dashboards for municipalities to understand the impact of the mobility of goods and implement public policies for more sustainable cities. Today they’re running four products in more than 15 European cities. Planners can now understand the complexity and impact of city logistics hubs, enable dynamic curb management that matches company delivery needs and know the proximity of goods and services in neighborhoods to answer citizen needs. They also work with businesses to provide tailor-made insights that help them improve operational efficiency, make strategic decisions and better align with city goals.

Urban Tech Helsinki’s mentorship helps Urban Radar expand its impact area

Urban Radar has been benefiting from the mentorship of Urban Tech Helsinki. Through its network and workshops, Urban Radar team has the ability to understand the Finnish market as culturally different from others and focus on developing an adequate value proposition to answer Nordics cities’ needs. Thanks to all the opportunities and insights the program given them so far, they’ve had not only the chance to meet and follow the development of several innovative startups, but also the occasion to exchange with industry leaders and potential stakeholders while also learning useful lessons.

Urban Radar

Track results to increase agility and impact

The City of Helsinki plays as a model in urban planning for cities worldwide. With UTH, Urban Radar is seeking to refine its sustainable urban logistics planning solutions to solve urban issues. Urban Radar’s direct impact is to reduce congestion and pollution associated with better understanding of logistics hubs usage, agile curb management system and augmented urbanism decisions to answer citizen needs. Urban Radar considers the City of Helsinki to be a potential stakeholder for one of its pilot projects, for the implementation of a curb management system.

Before the year ends, Urban Radar intends to achieve the commercial scalability of its products while making them more complete and robust. For that goal, they count not only on partnerships with municipalities, but also on Research & Development efforts.

To learn more about Urban Radar, you can visit their website and youtube channel.

This article was created in collaboration with Urban Tech Helsinki project.

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