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Uppsala-based Hansoft raises €6.15 Million

This news made it’s rounds yesterday, but the round is big and fat enough that we need to put some words down on paper. Uppsala-based Hansoft announces it has raised $8.4 million (€6.15 million) led by Stockholm-based VC Creandum, as well as some private investors including Mårten Mickos the former Finnish CEO MySQL and is currently CEO of Eucalyptus Systems.

Hansoft has previously been self-financed and ‘profitable from day one’ since the company was founded in 2005. In the beginning Hansoft was foucused on the game industry, but expanded to the wider software developement industry including customers in Electronics, Aerospace, Space, Game development, and Telecom. Last April Hansoft posted a turnover of 41.7 million SEK, or €4.7 million.

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Hansoft is an agile development tool designed to help teams take ownership of their part of the work, while keeping the bigger picture goals well defined. Hansoft is a software product (as opposed to a web tool) that lets users select between Agile, lean, and gantt-scheduling. Addidiotnally they allow teams and managers to keep up to date with a newsfeed and Facebook-style chat system.

“We are not only helping our customers being more Agile but also applying Agile practices in how we organize all our activities internally, not only the development team but also the executive team and the growth team here in San Francisco. Our Agile, and very Swedish, way of working with a flat organization, doesn’t suit everyone, but at Hansoft we are passionate about the excellence it brings out in people,” said Patric Palm, Hansoft CEO and co-founder.

Daniel Blomquist, Principal at Creandum, and new Hansoft board member commented in a statement, “The Hansoft team has shown a very impressive mastery in closing large enterprise deals in competition with much bigger players. It will be very interesting to see what they can do now with the extra muscles our investment provides.”

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