#truHelsinki Launches 3rd Edition of HR Think-tanking

There’s nothing like talking business with new people while hitting the sauna butt naked. This might be one of the reasons Finland has gained so much traction as a host for business events, or perhaps it’s the fact that its the perfect location to unify the nordic, baltic and Russian companies who are into global business development. Whatever the reasons may be, Finnish successes like Slush and the Nordic Business Forum have inspired events organizers to aim even higher. This is exactly what the 3rd edition of #truHelsinki intends to do on the 9th of April 2014 in Helsinki.

The event, or the “unconference” as it’s called, is organized by Globaltru and other local organizers, and will be centering around discussion on the latest developments in the HR and recruitment world. The term unconference means that the discussions will be contributed by speakers and audience alike. This is done under supervision of “track leaders”, whose role is to start the conversation and let the conversation evolve wherever it goes by expressing opinions and asking the right questions.

The discussions will be held under different topics, with each topic having its own respective coordinator. During the day, there will be several discussions going on all the time so that the participants can choose the topic most interesting to them, and switch to another topic if they wish.

The topics will include:

  • HR, general topics
  • HR, development and employee engagement
  • HR, leadership and culture
  • Recruitment, general topics
  • Sourcing Lab, all the geek stuff

Naturally, a horde of global and local HR and recruitment leaders will be speaking on stage. Check out what the current list looks like.

#truHelsinki will address all the people related challenges organisations are facing today and will continue to face in the future, including recruitment, onboarding, employee engagement, you name it.

And while you’re at it, you can get a full taste of a true Finnish spring.

Ps: The day before #truHelsinki there will be an exclusive Showcase event #HRTechTank for HR Technology companies to connect with the international thought leaders and investors.