Top Investors Every Media Startup Should Know About

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Running a media startup is tough. You may have a great product, serving a very specific problem, have a motivated team, even an excited user-base. And all you need is that one big-time client to make a breakthrough. But when you start reaching out to big corporates and media houses, no magic happens.    

Many startups are daunted by the idea of pitching to big companies. The fear of the unknown kicks in along with uncertainty on how and which steps to take next – from finding the right contact within the organization over facing the corporate way of decision-making and negotiating the pilot deal, to scaling up your supply to meet corporate demand.

However, founders understand that approaching large companies is well worth the effort business-wise. So how to open the door to dream corporates and media houses? There are plenty of ways to do it, but what really increases your chance of finding the one, is an investor who understands the industry and connects you to relevant people and organizations.

This is where Media Honeypot steps in. Enabling first contacts eye-to-eye and setting the right tone for networking, this matchmaking event builds a long-needed bridge between startups and corporate executives.  

In the light of Media Honeypot 2018 we want to introduce you to the top 5 investor firms from the media industry that will participate Helsinki on the 15th of February.

Take the opportunity to find a trusted partner that will help you take your business to the next level.

Bonnier Ventures. First launched as Bonnier Growth Media in 2013, it is the venture arm of Bonnier media group. As a corporate venture investor, Bonnier Ventures makes minority investments in startups and digital technology companies across multiple growth stages. Besides capital, Bonnier Ventures helps founders to expand their business network and utilize Bonnier domain experience and assists with management support. Bonnier Ventures is based in Stockholm and works with Nordic startups with an ambition to scale globally.

Open Ocean Capital – Helsinki-headquartered VC firm helping entrepreneurs build global software companies. Open Ocean typically leads or co-leads €5M funding rounds and invests in digital media companies like EyeEm (Berlin), NearGroup and LoopMe (London).

Channel 4 – British broadcaster Channel 4 launched the Indie Growth Fund in 2014, initially committing to invest up to £20 million over a period of three years in a broad portfolio of television production and digital companies. The fund aims to nurture the independent sector by providing access to funding for small to medium-sized companies based in the UK to help them grow and develop their business.

Amazon Web Services – Amazon Web Services offers a broad set of global cloud-based products including databases, analytics, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, IoT, and more. Through these tools, AWS provides plenty of opportunities for startups that helps them to lower costs and scale faster. Plus, there have been cases where ASW was able to help with investment opportunities.

Alma Media – Finnish media company Alma Media is focusing on digital services and publishing. The company actively collaborates with startups in such fields as multichannel content, new mobile solutions, and digital media services. It offers a channel to accelerate their growth and occasionally invests in digital advertising, smart living room, e-commerce startups.

Breaking through corporate clients for your startup can be overwhelming, but these 5 investors could be the ideal contacts to start your journey to success. Meet them at Media Honeypot on February 15 in Helsinki.