Top 10 Startups from Helsinki You Can't Afford to Miss

    Panorama Helsinki, historical center finland

    Last week MyHelsinki launched a new website, that makes it easy for locals and Helsinki visitors to find information about the latest trends, events and restaurants in Helsinki, as well as to get tips from local residents. The content of the beta version of the website has been compiled by local residents, visitors and businesses.

    Besides leisure, My Helsinki provides information on local startup ecosystem – most renown Helsinki-based startups and investors. Here are the top 10 to keep your eye on. – data-driven prospecting and lead generation platform. Vainu’s built an intelligent data collection technology that brings all the essential information from millions of open and public data sources into one place. The company helps you find actionable account insights, identify timely prospecting signals and determine the most valuable sales prospects.

    Verto Analytics – consumer-centric measurement solution for monitoring the complex behavior of today’s consumer on every device, app, and platform used throughout the day. Verto Analytics provides data and insights that inform marketing, competitive intelligence, media buying, product strategy and development.

    Armada Interactive – Helsinki-based mobile gaming company focused on crafting innovative, competitive and deep experiences with genre-pushing audiovisual fidelity.

    Neverthink.TV – instant TV app, that takes contents sourced from YouTube, Reddit, and more and re-packages to offer non-skippable TV-like experience to audience. Neverthink serves the community by giving an opportunity to learn, discover and contemplate on 100% curated video content. – a platform that automates home sales. Blok can help you to sell your property by completing a series of tasks, like giving a cost estimate for your property, collecting documents for the bank, ordering professional photographers to take pictures of your property and more. Currently available in Finnish.

    Darkglass – a handmade bass guitar equipment company with Chilean roots. Darkglass has earned a level of trust, respect and admiration among bass players in Finland and globally getting stars like Gabe Crisp (Whitechappel) and Jon Stockman (Karnivool) to use their products.

    Next Games – a publicly listed mobile game developer and publisher specializing in games based on entertainment franchises, such as movies, TV series or books. Their game The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, based on the popular AMC TV series, has been downloaded over 16 million times.

    ResQ Club – Finnish food rescuing company founded in 2015. Within only 2 years the service has got over 150,000 registered users and more than 250,000 portions have already been “ResQ’d”.

    Softagram – software visualisation tool, that eliminates time-consuming grepping and software architecture documentation. It is a browsable visual model containing all significant artifacts of the entire software project.

    Moni – fintech startup known to throw legendary after-parties at Arctic15 and Slush. Moni builds simple, low-cost banking tools that make it easier for people to pay securely for their purchases, offline or online, send money to friends, receive money, get credit, withdraw cash, and have mobile access to their MONI account.