Announcing Thomas Grota of Deutsche Telecom's investment arm at Arctic15

    We’re happy to announce a new speakers for our conference on May 27th and 28th dubbed Arctic15: Exit Path. For ArcticStartup’s third annual event, we’re also putting on stage Thomas Grota, Investment Director at T-Venture Holding (the corporate Venture Capital arm of Deutschte Telekom). In his free time, Grota also serves as a mentor at Seedcamp and hackfwd.

    Grota should be a good speaker and contact for our guests for multiple reasons. His experience at a major corporate investor and acquirer should help present entrepreneurs get a handle on what Deutsche Telecom is looking for, and perhaps present investors will have a chance to shop for an exit or additional rounds for their portfolio. Additionally as a Seedcamp and Hackfwd mentor, Grota knows how to level to early-stage startups.

    The focus of Grota’s investments onto mobile platforms, mobile gaming and enabling software technologies. He exited Swoodoo to in 2010.

    Here’s the Arctic15: Exit Path line up so far:

    Trip Hawkins: Founder EA, Digital Chocolate.
    Justin Waldron: Co-founder Zynga
    Paul Bragiel: Investor at I/O Ventures. Sochi Olympics “runner up”.
    Timo Ahopelto: Finnish early-stage power investor. Acclaimed author.
    Lena Romanova: Entrepreneur, Investor & Managing Director of Granita Capital
    Jens Lapinski: Director at TechStars.
    Lauri Rosendahl: Senior Vice President of the NASDAQ OMX
    Falk Müller-Veerse: M&A and fundraising professional & founder at Cartagena Capital

    And plenty more to be announced.

    Now, what I need you to do is open your calendar, notice you have nothing on May 27th and 28th, and grab your tickets now to take advantage of the Early Bird pricing.

    You’ll be in good company. We have over 150 attendees registered so far, awesome food choices at the event, and a great afterparty lined up. Plus a lot of side events to make Arctic15 the best networking conference you’ve attended.