These Early-Stage Startups From The Nordics And Baltics Are Now Looking For Funding

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The road to getting funded is a rocky one. You polish your pitch deck, you try to reach out to relevant investors and go to all the events in the hope of getting a meeting with a right match. Whether you’re an early stage startup or an established company, pushing it and hustling is your only way. But getting the word out about yourself is just as equally important. This way, investors can hear about you beforehand and you might not have to tell your story from step 0 all the time – and by reaching the right eyeballs, you might even get approached.

We want to make it easier for Nordic and Baltic startups to gain visibility and help investors see who’s actively looking to get funded, so we have curated a list of some promising startups who are raising money right now. Take a look at our first batch of selected startups who are currently on the hunt. If your startup is raising now and you want to get featured with us, fill out the form at the bottom and you might be lucky enough to secure your slot in the limelight. 


Grumblo is globally #1 in car engine sounds. They can make your electric car sound like a Ferrari. Grumblo has several scalable high margin business models on a fast growing market. They are present globally, with clients in over 10 countries, Grumblo media and brand reached over 100 million people in 2019. Founded in 2015, they operate with a team of 8 now. Existing investors and advisors include Superangels Jacob Dalborg and Joakim Karlsson, Angel Simo Hämäläinen, SVP of Rovio. Now they are raising 2,25M EUR: 1 M EUR equity + 1,25 M EUR government funding.
Contact: Chairman Antti Lehtimäki, [email protected], +358-40-7226448


Caidio enables the global concrete construction industry to lead responsible urbanization by providing scalable smart software solutions to optimize the quality and productivity of concrete construction while reducing its environmental impact in a rapidly urbanizing world. Founded in 2018, their team of 6 is targeting global growth markets for building cities. Finalists of the Nordic Angel Program, leaders of the Finnish DigiConcrete consortium, they are piloting their Concrete Intelligence Technology in an ultramodern concrete production facility in China. Existing investors are AP Capital and VLTH Consulting. They are currently raising 250k EUR.
In case of inquiries contact Aku Wilenius, CEO at [email protected], +358 400 72 60 60


CostPocket (founded in 2016) automatically digitizes invoices and receipts within seconds with a mission to help accountants and their customers to the digital era. They provide the only app in the target markets to show automatic text recognition results inside app. They have over 3000 active users from Estonia, Finland and Latvia. At a valuation of 2M EUR they are now raising 150k EUR to prove their scaling assumptions in Finland and Latvia. Once having the measured results, they’ll start scaling more aggressively in Europe. Existing investors among others include Janis Rancans, Chairman of LatBAN, Startup Wise Guys, the top European accelerator and Kaspar Hanni, EstBAN board member.
Contact: Martin Sookael, [email protected]


Fibion is the world’s most accurate sitting and activity analysis platform, disrupting the lifestyle medicine of the biggest global health problems. They provide scalable and evidence-based sitting and physical activity behavior change solutions for the corporate wellness market to improve health and well-being, employee engagement, and sustainable growth in the workplace as their main solution. Founded in 2014, their team of 6 doubled the annual revenue with a bootstrap budget. They are raising 150-250k EUR.
Get in contact with them: Olli Tikkanen, [email protected]

Polka Dot Studio

Polka Dot is a fast growing mobile games studio creating new gaming experiences for underserved female audience. Founded in 2017, they operate with a team of 9. Previous investors include Peter Vesterbacka and Sisu Game Ventures. Now Polka Dot Studio is looking to raise 500k EUR. 
Interested? Contact Olesja Marjalaakso [email protected],

CloverCreek Entertainment

CloverCreek Entertainment is an indie game studio from Helsinki, Finland. They create immersive and challenging experiences for gaming enthusiasts by experimenting with game genres, technologies and mechanics. They are targeting core gamers on the global market, interested in fantasy, RTS and overall challenging gaming experience. Founded in 2018, they are Top 20 studio in Global Top Round 2019 contest and Top 50 game at contest for game developers on Unreal Engine. They are currently raising 300k EUR.
Get in touch at [email protected] , +358466221170

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