The world’s first wellness ring hits Kickstarter goal of $100 000 in a day

    Want to get to know yourself better?

    Wellness bracelets have been a huge trend in Scandinavia for the past two years, but now Oulu-based startup Ōura wants to change the form of the accessory that helps you to scan your activity. Their ring-size wellness computer and app are designed to help you sleep and perform better.

    ŌURA ring enables you to learn how your lifestyle choices affect on your sleep – and on the other hand, how the quality of your sleep affects on your ability to perform.

    Well what makes the different form of this wellness computer special? Ōura says it’s the convenience and accuracy.

    “The ŌURA ring is a revolutionary product. Advances in miniaturisation have allowed us to put a multisensory computer inside a tiny ring. Finger is the most convenient place to accurately capture the body signals, as the sensors are always in touch with skin. The ŌURA ring approaches laboratory-level accuracy,” says Hannu Kinnunen, the Chief Scientific Officer of Ōura.

    The ring-shaped computer enables measuring your pulse waveform straight from the finger. It counts the exact time between your heartbeats and interpretes parameters such as heart rate, respiration rate and their variation over time. The ring is also described to be very sensitive to measure all the movement and indicates the changes in body temperature.

    The information of the user is automatically shared with ŌURA smartphone application, which combines both physiological and behavioural data.

    The perfect combination of design and technology?

    ŌURA ring has been developed in Oulu by a world-class team with long background in fields of health & wellness, medtech, mobile telecom, ICT business and jewellery design. These experiences include over 20 years of algorithm development for the world’s leading heart rate monitors and activity trackers – And this field has a long tradition in Oulu, known as the home of Polar heart rate monitors.

    The futuristic looking ring is also described by the company as the combination of “insightful jewelry design and ultimate wearing comfort with top tier science and technology”. As the computer should be used 24/7, it’s produced of comfortable, non-allergenic and durable material. ŌURA is both waterproof and scratch proof – And the battery is promised to last up to 3 days.

    As thousands of people have had the wellness ring on their finger during Summer 2015, the company knows now that the product is mature for mass production. The product’s forecasted success was also backed up by interested consumers, while ŌURA Kickstarter campaign reached its goal of $100 000 in one day.

    The company will start deliveries in November 2015.