The Ultimate Methodology To Build A Startup – Now In Helsinki

    eric riesEric Ries, the man behind the Lean Startup methodology, is coming to Helsinki on 10th of November to provide practical and insightful ideas that should give you a whole new practical toolbox to build your startup into a successful business.

    For those that don’t know Eric Ries and haven’t heard about the Lean Startup I strongly recommend to listen up and get familiar with Eric’s popular blog at

    The Lean Startup methodology is literally spreading like a wild fire and its a very hot topic in the Silicon Valley. In short, it’s a way to get product/market fit fast and agile. Still don’t know what I’m talking about? Then you should really read on and take notes.

    The Lean Startup is a practical approach for creating and managing a new breed of company that excels in low-cost experimentation, rapid iteration, and true customer insight. It uses principles of agile software development, open source and web 2.0, and lean manufacturing to guide the creation of technology businesses that create disruptive innovation. And if you are part of a startup, now you have a change to hear Eric talk about all of this in Helsinki.

    The good people at Everyplay, Floobs and we at ArcticStartup saw that Eric was visiting Finland and thought that we can’t let the opportunity to slip away, but need to get to man to come and talk to the startups in Helsinki. With the kind of help of our sponsors (see below who’s involved), the event is now taking place.

    Something important to note: This event is targeted only(!) at entrepreneurs currently running startups: CEO, CTOs and founders, and due to limitations of the space we are forced to limit the participation to maximum of two persons per startup. The event will set you back €20. There will also be space for some local student who can register via the Aalto Entrepreneurship Society.

    We will take the talk on video and post it online afterward so those who can’t get a ticket will also get to learn from Eric’s insights.

    The four hour workshop is targeted at startup entrepreneurs to learn how to

    1. Identify a profitable business model faster and cheaper than your competitors.
    2. Continuously discover what customers want to buy before building or making follow-on investments in new features.
    3. Ship new software at a dizzying pace: multiple times a day while improving quality and lowering costs.
    4. Build a company-wide culture of decision-making based on real facts, not opinions.
    5. Techniques to mitigate the biggest risk for startups: that no customers will buy its products.
    6. How to identify what customers want to buy before building or making follow-on investments in new features.

    You can read more and register here.

    Big Thanks to our Sponsors who made this all possible. Thank you guys!

    Tekes VersoVerso– Vertical Software Solutions is a programme coordinated by Tekes – Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation. Verso’s main goal is to support growth and internationalization of Finnish software companies.

    Digibusiness CulminatumDIGIBUSINESS Finland Cluster Program helps small and medium sized companies to grow by developing their business competence and creating networks they can benefit from. In addition, the cluster promotes the implementation of new customer and market oriented business ideas. Gateway to Digital Finland:

    Forum Virium Forum Virium Helsinki SME Partnership Programme develops the business environment of the Helsinki region by supporting innovative SMEs in digital content and service production.

    Veraventure Veraventure Ltd is a government backed venture capital company making investments in innovative Finnish seed and startup companies. Veraventure is fully owned by its parent company Finnvera Plc.

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