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Swedish Telness Tech appoints Stefan Tengvall as Chief Strategy Officer for international expansion

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Stockholm-headquartered startup Telness Tech has appointed Stefan Tengvall as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). Tengvall, known for successfully scaling tech companies globally, will guide strategic decisions as the company expands into new markets. The company specializes in cloud-based mobile operator solutions, focusing on innovation and customer satisfaction. Tengvall’s role is crucial as Telness Tech aims to capitalize on international demand for its digital solutions in telecom markets.

Founded in 2016 by former Telenor executive Martina Klingvall, Telness Tech is a leading software company under the Nordic Communications Group. Specializing in cloud-based solutions for telecommunications, Telness Tech, the only fully automated platform in its market, streamlines operations, potentially reducing costs by up to 80%, accelerating time to market to two months, and significantly improving customer satisfaction. In just a year, under Klingvall’s leadership, Telness Tech has successfully launched over 11 mobile operators and secured its first international client, solidifying its position as a key innovator in the telecom industry.

Stefan Tengvall, one of Sweden’s foremost entrepreneurial profiles, takes on an operational role as CSO. He has successfully scaled tech companies internationally on multiple occasions, including Scrive and the British broadband provider Hyperoptic. Stefan is also a co-founder of the internet service provider Ownit, which was successfully sold to telecom giant Telenor in 2012, and he has an extensive background in the telco industry. Since then, Stefan has played crucial roles as an investor, CEO, and board chairman in several B2B and SaaS companies.

Martina Klingvall, CEO and founder of Telness Group expressed her enthusiasm for Stefan joining Telness Tech.

“Stefan choosing to take on an operational role at Telness Tech is a sign of success. In just one year, Telness Tech has launched over 11 mobile operators, including our first international client. We have also built a pipeline of over 150 million SEK in a short time, indicating significant demand for our software, and we need to scale up well in. Stefan’s expertise will be invaluable as we secure the strategic decisions and investments needed for our expansion into new markets.”

As Telness Tech continues its international expansion, Stefan will work closely with Martina Klingvall.

Stefan Tengvall commented on his new role at Telness Tech, “I am excited to be part of Telness Tech during this critical expansion phase. The company’s commitment to innovation and scalable growth drew me to an operational role, something I wouldn’t do for just any company. I believe in businesses that always prioritize the customer, and the fact that Telness Tech’s solutions have enabled Europe’s most satisfied customers lays the foundation for significant growth.”

Stefan will play a crucial role in Telness Tech’s leadership team, utilizing his extensive financial expertise and experience to support the group’s ambitious growth.

Martina Klingvall, CEO, and founder of Telness Group, concludes: “Mobile operators continue to digitize rapidly, and in the Nordics, we have a high maturity in digital customer experiences, which is not the case in other telecom markets. Therefore, we see massive demand and potential for our product internationally – and we aim to capitalise on this momentum.”

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