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Swedish Enerpoly secures $8.4M grant for world’s first zinc-ion battery megafactory to revolutionize renewable energy storage

Enerpoly, a Stockholm-based zinc-ion battery innovator, has recently secured an $8.4 million (88.5 million SEK) grant from the Swedish Energy Agency to propel the...

The Lithuanian Ministry of the Economy and Innovation allocates €6 million to boost digital innovation using open data, aiming for €1 billion economic upsurge

The Lithuanian Ministry of the Economy and Innovation has launched a funding program worth €6 million to support local businesses in creating innovative digital...

Sweden’s Scaleout Systems receives €1.5M seed funding for innovating federated machine learning, prioritizing data security and privacy in AI

Uppsala-based Scaleout Systems has secured a substantial seed funding round totaling €1.5 million (17.2 million SEK), attracting investors like Navigare Ventures owned by Wallenberg...

Norwegian unicorn reMarkable appoints Philip Hess as new CEO

Oslo-based reMarkable, a pioneer in paper tablet technology, has appointed Philip S. Hess, the former CEO of Bose Corporation, as its new CEO starting...

Finland’s Noice raises $21 million for innovative multiplayer game livestreaming platform

Noice, a Helsinki-based live-streaming platform designed for gamers, announced the closure of its $21 million Series A funding round, commencing a Closed Beta in...

Lithuanian devtodev acquired by AppsFlyer, fortifying analytics portfolio and expanding privacy-driven growth platform

Vilnius-based devtodev, a data analytics solution founded in 2014, has been acquired by AppsFlyer, a global leader in marketing measurement and analytics. This acquisition...

Denmark’s Lactobio, innovator in precision probiotics, acquired by L’Oréal for cosmetic advancements

Copenhagen-based Lactobio has recently been acquired by L'Oréal, the world's foremost beauty company. Lactobio specializes in precision probiotics and microbiome research, focusing on developing...

Swedish Vesiro raises €443K in pre-seed funding to drive efficiency in database search performance

Vesiro, a Gothenburg-based company specializing in enhancing database search performance to minimize server costs and energy usage, recently secured €443K (5 million SEK) in...

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