Tawk.to aims to democratize business communication

    Latvian tawk.to, a free live chat application, brings customers and businesses closer to each other online.

    The agents using tawk.to can monitor the company’s communications process

    Latvian tawk.to is a live messaging system and website analysis platform designed for democratizing online communications in the B2C engagement space. With tawk.to customers find, communicate and store their conversations with businesses – And at the same time, businesses can engage better their customers and can reduce costs alongside recognizing trends or opportunities with digestible analytics.

    “Consumers have spoken loud and clear, they prefer to message each other more so than speaking on the phone, or even meeting in person. Hence, it is inevitable that eventually consumers will choose to message for instance businesses, their local bank, government departments or their doctor,” says the founder of tawk.to, Robert D’Assisi about the need for the service.

    As both of the parties want to communicate with each other in a transparent, efficient and accountable way – tawk.to is a way handle those discussions privately. Messaging can be done almost anywhere, without disturbing anyone else,“ D’Assisi continues.

    Aiming for mass market with a free service

    Tawk.to lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your website or from a free customizable page – without any additional costs. It’s also integrated to some of the most used content sharing platforms such as WordPress and Joomla.

    This brings out the mass usage potential of the service, as D’Assisi says that there hasn’t been earlier business messaging platform like this because of the paywall: “We decided to change that, by offering a premium messaging service that is completely free, as a result we’re now seeing double figure month on month growth, with the current rate of adoption at approximately 620 new companies a day signing up.”

    The company was founded in 2012 and reached the amount of 1000 agents in December 2013. “We bootstrapped to profitability straight out of the gate. Currently, we generate enough revenue to fuel our growth by offering live answering services for a small number of clients whom don’t want to answer the chats themselves,” D’Assisi describes.

    With the growth rate of 103% per month, tawk.to has now already about 65 000 business communication agents – which includes representatives of major brands like Mercedes Benz, Chevron and Sheraton Hotels alongside with thousands of e-commerce sites and hundreds of hosting companies. Although the service is free of charge and it aims for the mass market, D’Assisi emphasizes that being free of charge isn’t enough – it also has to be better than what there’s commercially available.

    “If Youtube had offered free video hosting back in the day, though the service and features were poor, it wouldn’t have affected the paid video hosting industry as profoundly as it has. The same can be said with live chat software,” ponders D’Assisi.

    Tawk.to works on iOS and Android, and it’s available for several languages, such as Estonian, Swedish and Norwegian. As the service can be integrated to platforms like WordPress – why not to test it for instance at your blog?