Tackling the challenges of the Nordic welfare model?

Get to know the 25 startups creating life-changing solutions at the Nordic Independent Living Challenge.

The five Nordic capitals and Nordic Innovation have joined their forces to tackle challenges that the Nordic welfare model is facing with the help of innovative startups of the region. The goal of Nordic Independent Living Challenge is to boost innovation and collaboration in the welfare technology industry of the region – and create a joint market.

The Nordic Independent Living Challenge received 415 proposals from across the Nordic region providing innovative solutions on how elderly and disabled people can live independently in their own home.

Now the competition has moved on to its third ‘Business Development’ phase, where 25 selected solutions will continue developing their concepts further, pilot their products and receive mentoring. The five finalists competing of the main price of 1 million NOK will be selected during the winter of 2016. The winner of the competition will be announced in summer 2016.

So here are the 25 solutions that made it to the business development phase of Nordic Independent Living Challenge – Can you find something here that could help you or your close ones?


  • Mobident (Finland) – A mobile application for elderly home care in the context of oral health promotion.
  • Admone (Denmark) – Personal reminder tool for people with dementia.
  • Agile Traveler (Iceland) – An application that offers real-time information about accessibility and services to the physically disabled, for residents and those who are traveling in the Nordic countries.

Assistive Technology

  • Pilloxa (Sweden) – A medicine pillbox which communicates wirelessly with one’s mobile phone.
  • MOTIview (Norway) – A system helping elderly people and people with dementia turning into dedicated athletes. MOTIview consists of a display unit that shows motivating videos, combined with a useradapted exercise bike.
  • Tramprullstolen Idun (Sweden) – A pedal wheelchair helping people struggling with balance and coordination to have a more active lifestyle.
  • AssiStep (Norway) – A simple and non-invasive ”walker in the stairs”, that gives people with mobility issues extra support when climbing stairs.
  • DAP Design (Denmark) – Ergonomic and personalized clothing solutions for differently abled people.
  • Multi Puff (Norway) – A tool making wound care treatment more comfortable for the user and more ergonomic for the nurse.
  • Good Water Habits (Norway) – A hydration solution
  • Siren (Denmark) – Smart socks reducing the risk of foot ulcers in diabetics.
  • Nyutvecklad duschpall (Sweden) – A new designed shower seat with adjustable seating height.
  • Postkasse 2.0 (Norway) – A delivery service planned to be integrated with the healthcare and pharmacies, enabling medicine to be delivered for the convenience of the elderly, disabled or those with special health conditions.
  • AbleOn ShowerSystem (Norway) – A system facilitating the shower situation so that elderly and others with disabilities can feel safe and have more independence in their everyday lives.

Health and Well-being

  • Biotherapeutics to accelerate wound healing in patients with diabetes (Sweden) – Biotherapeutics solutions (genetically modified probiotic bacteria) accelerating the healing process of injured tissues.
  • Swallowgel (Sweden) – A gel that reduces the stress for patients who have difficulties with swallowing to secure and support taking of medicines.
  • Thermal Winter Garden for Nordic Environment (Iceland) – Bringing benefits of daylight to indoors.
  • Wundies (Sweden) – A solution for women suffering from incontinence problems.

Technological Solutions

  • E21 (Iceland/Denmark) – A solution supporting the quality of life, which is used for supporting active and independent living for people suffering from physical and mental impairments.
  • Aura (Finland) – A modular lighting system for nighttime, which creates a navigable route of light through the darkness for the user’s individual needs.
  • Intelligent trygghetsalarm med NATO-godkjent kommunikasjonsprotokoll og GPS-sporing (Norway) – An easy-to-use safety alarm helping people with disabilities to feel safer when being active indoors and outdoors.
  • GazeDriver (Denmark) – The world’s first screenless eye control for wheelchairs
  • Carecode (Finland) – A user-friendly web application that allows a multidisciplinary care team to communicate and collaborate.
  • Neighbourhoods of Care (Finland) – A map-based, inclusive and community-building Nordic app/web service supporting independent living of the elderly.
  • Helping Hands (Norway) – A web platform where people can post and undertake smaller jobs like cleaning, grocery shopping, computer help and personal care.

Some of the companies are brand new, so it’s hard to find information of them online – But if you got interested of a concept, you’ll find the project leaders with more detailed information of the projects here.