Supercell, Rovio, and King TV commercials you missed (because you don't live in the States)

    When we think about advertising for mobile games, we usually think of web or mobile advertising, or cross-promotion networks like Helsinki’s Applifier or Lithuania’s AdDuplex. But once we get to the major leagues, companies like Helsinki-based Supercell and Rovio, or Stockholm’s King start seeing the value of the broad, TV-based advertising. And during the Christmas holidays when people are finding their first smartphones or tablets under the tree, these companies want to be sure you hear about Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, and Hay Day.

    Here are a couple TV commercials you might have missed if you haven’t been watching American broadcast TV lately:


    Here’s an entertaining one for Clash of Clans, and maybe some A/B testing for Hay Day. Looking at the number of airings, I’d say they found their “Fox” commercial to drive more downloads.

    Clash of Clans. 1,079 airings (US)

    Hay Day “Rooster” 438 airings.

    Hay Day “Fox” 1,057 airings.


    Along with getting their name out there to new smart device holders, King might also see value in getting their name out to investors before their planned IPO. It’s not just Candy Crush that’s getting broadcast to the masses, but also their tertiary hits, like Bubble Witch and Pet Rescue Saga.

    Candy Crush Saga – 4,515 airings

    This following commercial was run in Japan, which is an interesting strategy for a western company.

    Pet Rescue Saga – 3,567 airings

    Bubble Witch Saga – 625 airings.

    King also experimented with some product placement in a ‘viral’ spot, getting Candy Crush Saga into Psy’s followup success to Gangnam Style, Gentleman. They only get a solid three seconds in the video, but it’s hard to miss (starting at 0:34)


    And with their own film studio it’s hard to forget Rovio is also all over the airwaves. Here’s a couple I picked out.

    Here’s one for some Saturday morning Angry Birds merchandizing – 614 airings

    And some Angry Birds fun for the whole family – 3 airings