Supercell buys 51% of Badland creator

Supercell bought 51 percent stake in a small Finnish studio Frogmind, as the creator of BADLAND games is about to launch new free-to-play titles.

Frogmind boasts with more than 45 million players. It had 2015 turnover of around 1.9 million euros and staff of 13 at the end of the year, according to a fresh report on the Nordic gaming industry.

“Changing from the premium game mindset to F2P is not the easiest thing, but after an educational one and half years of killed prototypes we found something we felt really good about. And not just one thing, we began production of three new games! We are very proud of them and can’t wait to launch them next year!” Johannes Vuorinen, co-founder of Frogmind, said in a blog post.

“This all leads to our new partnership with Supercell. They liked our new upcoming games and the teams behind them, and we have the utmost respect for them and their gameplay, production values and elegance in solving difficult design challenges. Partnering with the world’s top mobile developer, we can get help and information no one else knows better,” Vuorinen said.

Frogmind said following the deal it will continue to operate completely independently as Frogmind, publish its own games and get to decide what games to make and how.