Sun Microsystems Open Storage – Save On Storage Costs

    The recently launched Sun Open Storage systems combine open-source software with industry-standard hardware, enabling you to reduce your reliance on high-priced systems and achieve significant savings on storage costs. Sun is holding a breakfast seminar in Espoo to tell more about this ground breaking and unique approach to storing data.

    The informative breafast takes place on
    Wednesday March 4th 2009 at 8.30-12.00
    at Stella Business Park, Stella Terra, Auditorio Corona
    (address Lars Sonckin kaari 16, 02600 Espoo)

    8.30-9.00 Registration and breakfast
    9.00-9.45 Significant changes in the cost structure of storage through utilization of open architecture
    Timo Danilotschkin, Director, Storage,Sun Microsystems Nordics
    9.45-10.00 Break
    10.00-11.00 Open storage technologies and solutions
    Pasi Haatanen, Product Manager, Sun Microsystems Finland
    11.00-11.30 Demo and discussion
    Pasi Haatanen, Product Manager, Sun Microsystems Finland

    NOTE: Presentations will be held in Finnish!

    You can register for the event here.

    According the the company, the recent launch has sparked some previously unseen excitement in Sun’s partners and customers. Here’s what Sun’s CEO Jonathan Swartz said about it:

    [.]..high-performance Open Storage appliances, are quite possibly the
    hottest products Sun has ever produced. In fact, in three to five years
    Sun may be better known for storage than it is for servers.

    The comments on our blogs have also been very exciting:

    Bryan, I not only work for a competitor you are going after but I also
    worked in Solaris in a previous life. Somehow I guess I bleed purple!
    Lets just say that the SEs here are running scared as in head-to-head
    deal after deal, you guys are coming in at half our discounted price!
    The only ‘defense’ against this project and the 7000 series machines is
    to try to point potential customers to Sun’s stock price, its prospects,
    FUD about Sun being bought over, no reference customers, etc. In other
    words, Fishworks seems to be impossible to defend on merit…

    Sun will hold events similar to the one taking place in Espoo on March 4th in the Baltic states as well: March 10th in Vilnius, March 11th in Riga and March 12th inTallinn. For more information on the events or in case of any questions please contact Jonna.Tuovinen [at] More information on Sun’s Open Storage systems is available at here.

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    Disclaimer: Sun Microsystems is ArcticStartup’s Sponsor for February.