Sulake is planning to go public

    Kauppalehti, a Finnish business daily, reported yesterday that Sulake‘s CEO, Timo Soininen, is planning to take the company public. According to Mr. Soininen the earlierst possible date for the listing would be sometime next year.

    Soininen thinks Sulake starts to be big enough for an IPO. Soininen’s comments takes place after Sulake was valued 9th in Alley Insider valuation (at 25 times revenues) for digital startups. Read more on the story here.

    Soinen added that Sulake is profitable and aims to a 20 percent increase in turnover this year. Last year’s  turnover was 43 million euro.

    Despite the Alley Insider estimation Soininen himself refuses to comment on his company’s valuation.