Stockholm's Pingdom acquired by SolarWinds

    In recent news, Stockholm-based Pingdom has been acquired by Austin, Texas-bases SolarWinds. Pingdom provides website monitoring, making sure your ops team or developer is the first to know about any downtime through a text message, instead of getting tweets, emails, or even worse – silence – about your downtime. Pingdom has been killing it with over 500,000 customers including giants like Instagram, Twitter, Ebay, GetHub, MailChimp, and more.

    Now with the acquisition by SolarWinds, the new mantra is “slow is the new down” according to the company. We’ve all clicked on some errant links, and if the website or app doesn’t respond in one or two “beats” you’re getting the hell out of there.

    “Access to the right information, delivered in real time, is the difference between reacting to business and driving the business,” said Sam Nurmi, CEO of Pingdom, in a statement.

    Currently SolarWinds provides on-premise IT management solutions, but with the acquisition of Pingdom the company will be able to use more buzzwords like IT as a Service, and IT in the Cloud. SolarWinds is publicly traded on the NYSE with a market cap of 2.93 billion. Investors didn’t react much on Wednesday when the stock was announced.

    “As the mantra for web and applications operations teams moves from ensuring the basic availability of IT infrastructure to delivering performance management for critical application capabilities to end-users, the need for comprehensive performance management products increases,” said Kevin Thompson, CEO and President, SolarWinds.