Stockholm-based Campanja Raises €3.7 Million from Hoxton & DFJ

    Years ago, institutional investing was a slow process where people would put in trades partly whenever they think the timeing is right. But looking at it today, the investment scene is dominated by algorithmic trading where machines can move faster and smarter. The same thing is going on in the web-advertising space, where advertisers are fighting over the most bang-for-their-buck when getting their adds in front of eyeballs instead of dumbly clicking “buy ad” in Google Adwords.

    We’ve received word that Stockholm-based Campanja has now raised a $5 million (€3.67 million) series A from Hoxton Ventures and DFJ Espirit, and joined by Google backer Ram Shriram and David Axmark, co-founder of MySQL. Campanja provides a real-time search engine marketing platform that adjusts advertising spending based on location, time, and seasonality so advertisers aren’t pumping advertising dollars into inopportune times. To do so, the company is using advanced technologies such as Real Time Tracking, Predictive Modeling and High Frequency Bidding.

    As a result, large advertisers such as Netflix see better KPIs, which provides enough value for Campanja to get their cut. Netflix, for example, is quoted as saying they got 10% more conversions with 20% lower CPA. The company says their ‘real-time’ bidding technology can improve marketing performance by up to 60 percent for some customers.

    The company was founded in 2010 and says they’re projected to grow at 300% this year. Campanja has 44 employees.

    With the cash the company plans to invest into platform development, and continue to hire in Palo Alto and Stockholm.