Sticky Uses Eye Tracking Technology To Make Sure Online Ads Are Seen And Receives €2.3M From Conor And Northzone

    Advertisers often use a term known as ad impressions, which you might think means how often the ads are seen by prospective viewers. In reality all it means is how often it was displayed and according to latest research statistics, between 30-50% of those impressions are never actually seen. Just think of banner blindness and how often you actually move your eyes to the side of the screen to take a look at the ads.

    This it the problem that the Swedish company Sticky is aiming to solve. To do so, they have received €2.3 million from Conor Venture Partners and NorthZone.

    “With the Sticky Platform, brand advertisers will be able to optimize their campaigns and increase their ROI. Sticky technology will become a must-have in a world of ever increasing competition for attention, where online brand advertising has been left without quality measurement tools for much too long. Sticky has the potential to be the global leader in this category and we are thrilled to be backing them,” comments Jarkko Penttilä, Partner at Conor Venture Partners.

    We got in touch with Mathias Plank, the CEO of Sticky in order to figure out exactly how they are approaching the problem. According to Plank, Sticky is the first eye movement capturing solution that aims to provide a quality measurement tool for the ads business.

    Basically, they will make sure if the ads are seen or not, to do so they will use users with webcams who need to opt-in to provide this feedback. The platform will support all types of ads such as rich media, banner, pre-roll video ads and others. All of the usage data is gathered, uploaded to the cloud and analyzed. The ad can then be optimized for display thanks to proxies and statistics provided.

    The company already has big name clients such as P&G, L’Oreal, McDonalds not two mention America Online and Google.