Sponsored Post: The IBP Hämeenlinna Camp On Partnerships And Networking

    Partnering is easy to talk about but a lot harder to undertake. It requires courage, patience and determination over time. It is rarely a quick fix solution to a problem and can sometimes be a frustrating and disappointing experience – falling short of initial hopes and expectations. A long and winding road where it is hard to navigate.

    But it does not have to be this way.

    There is a lot of evidence from many partnership initiatives in the past and under progress in different parts of the world that such multi-company, cross-cultural collaboration between different kinds of companies can be highly effective and successful when it is designed, developed and managed in a systematic way. Every digital business faces fierce international competition these days. For a long time the competition has not been about a single company against another single company; instead networks and partnerships matter more than ever. It is entire networks and value webs against each other; coalitions’ vs. coalitions. Company who partner up and gear up for the fierce fields of international competition just get more done – and the customers will notice the added value when 1+1 equals more than 2!

    The IBP Hämeenlinna camp on partnerships gives you the guidelines on building global partnerships and networks in a global economy. We intend to keep the camp as concrete and straight forward as possible by sharing our experience, patterns through case studies and best practices.

    We hope that it will give confidence and encouragement to all those who take part in the camp; that it will help them to build original, robust and highly successful partnerships and networks that the achieved development goals are not only working as planned but contribute to the success of companies present.

    Why partner?
    Partnerships provide a new opportunity for doing development better by recognizing the qualities and competencies of each companies, and finding new ways of harnessing these for the common good. By working together through networks, partnerships can provide:

    • Innovative approaches to the challenges of different companies
    • A range of mechanisms enabling each company to share their own and gain other companies’ specific competencies and capacities in order to achieve goals more effectively
    • Access to more resources by drawing on the full range of technical, human, knowledge, physical and financial resources found within the same value chain
    • Dynamic new networks offering each company better channels of engagement with the wider community and greater capacity to influence the market
    • Greater understanding of the values and attributes of each company and of the different cultures they represent.

    Welcome to Hämeenlinna for partnering and networking:
    More Information about registration and the program itself.

    IBP Camp Hämeenlinna is organized by experienced export professionals Jussi Heinilä and Reijo Syrjäläinen (Accelerando Oy) and serial entrepreneur Taneli Tikka ( Wisdom Like Silence Oy) who all got excellent feedback from participating companies in IBP Clinics. The Clinics were held this Spring in Hämeenlinna, Tampere, Kouvola and Vaasa. They all have very impressive experience in the field of digital business and internationalization.

    International Business Program is a Finnish nation-wide program offering help to startups get off the ground and internationalise. The project consists of three stages: Internationalization Clinics, Internationalization Camps and Go-To-Market-package worth 13000€ (Apply before 20th of May!). The project is coordinated by Culminatum Innovation Oy Ltd and funded by European Social Fund.

    More information on International Business Program: from Project Manager Raija Velez (+358 50 555 8908) and http://www.digibusiness.fi/ibp.

    Photo by cquarles (Creative Commons by-sa).