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Sponsor: Sopima Demystifies Contract Management

Note: this is our periodical blog sponsor message.

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Sopima logo“Online Contract Bank – A Contract Management Software-as-a-Service from the Microsoft Azure Cloud.”

Sopima takes a different approach to the entire contract management sphere. Sopima service is not an enterprise application that requires an IT project and contract professionals to make it happen. Sopima makes contract management easy and available for all size of companies; from large to small and medium size businesses too. With Sopima, your life with contracts is easier and you get value from day one.

Sopima is a new online service for Contract Creation, Deal Making and Contract Management. The service consists of (1) a smart secure contract bank, (2) online negotiation and signature tools, and (3) contract management best practices.

Sopima makes content of the contracts smart and interactional. This includes automated reminders on tasks and deadlines. The service ensures collaboration and true business productivity for financial and administrative managers and legal consultants. The value is brought to the customer by shortening the time to negotiate deals, saving time in daily tasks, and enabling transparency with extensive search and reporting on all contract assets. Sopima also takes risk management to a new level with no more expensive lessons in neglected or forgotten commitments.

In short, Sopima makes Contract Lifecycle Management;

  • Easy – Ease-of-use is one of the key benefits of Sopima. You learn how to use Sopima in few minutes – guaranteed!
  • Comprehensive – Manage the full lifecycle of all your contracts; Contract Bank, Negotiation Tools and Best Practices – directly and easily from the Web!
  • Affordable – No upfront investments or long commitment periods – only one clear monthly fee!
  • Secure – Sopima is built secure and audited constantly – a true contract bank!
  • Fast – Sopima is very fast and easy to deploy throughout your organization. No technical project needed – you get benefits right away!

“Sopima’s mission is to be the most beneficial service for deal making, storing and managing contracts. You could say that Sopima demystifies Contract Management. It can be undertaken professionally yet easily, and is both scalable and affordable!“, says Jaan Apajalahti, the founder and CEO of Sopima.

The first set of pilot customers have been signed in June-August and the interest is very high. The full release to market will be in December 2009. “Sopima aims for international success. We will make online contract management a natural way of handling all contract related operations”, Apajalahti continues. “We leverage the latest software technology and Cloud Computing platform from Microsoft that scales horizontally to serve large number of customers.”

If you wish to discuss with us and hear more, please contact CEO Mr. Jaan Apajalahti (jaan.apajalahti@sopima.com, +358 40 701 3897) or Partner / Communications Ms. Riitta Raesmaa (riitta.raesmaa@sopima.com, +358 40 9033 650), www.sopima.com (in Finnish, later in English).

Microsoft BizSpark & Sopima

Microsoft BizSparkSopima has been an active BizSpark member over last six months and the benefits have been great. Most appreciated benefits are the access to online training and support programs for our technology questions, and local business and technology support provided by the Finnish BizSpark & Technology teams. Sopima recommends Microsoft BizSpark for any start up building either SaaS or onsite software solutions.

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