Solu takes its OS to Android

Finnish startup Solu Machines has taken its unique operating system to Android platform as an early version of a Solu app, enabling any Android phone or tablet to work as a full-blown Solu desktop computer.

Solu has built a completely new personal computing platform. That includes everything: hardware, software, interface, monetization – everything. They sold the early products for $246,000 on Indiegogo last year.

The sum is small as they want to redefine how we do computing in every way imaginable. From the ground up. The interface and the operating system takes into account how we interact with computer and people in a modern way. It also takes into account how people think, making the interface super intuitive.


Solu’s operating system is built to help teams and friends work together by collaborating in real-time. However, it makes the starting threshold high, as if only a few people have Solu devices it is almost impossible for others to collaborate with them. Tapping the massive base of Android devices all around the world could open the opportunity for Solu.

Solu’s operating system uses the cloud to allow almost unlimited storage, with no manual backups, and to allow you to work without installing or updating applications. Yet, unlike other cloud OS’s it also works offline.

“You can even connect an external screen (wired or wireless) and make your Android into a desktop computer. There are a few limitations compared to a full Solu OS, but the special zoomable UI, the screen touchpad, the Solu caching cloud and Solu apps will all be available in the app, allowing you to work with anyone in the Solusphere,” the company said.

Solu stressed the version you can sign up through is an early build, and intended, for now, only for early adopters, developers and tech enthusiasts. If you reading this, they mean you.