Smart Ageing Prize For Active Ageing

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Despite the latest healthcare advancements and modern biohacking techniques, the population ageing is one of the greatest social and economic challenges in the Nordics. Although Nordic elderly people are among the healthiest in the world, they do require a lot of help and care in terms of social life, physical activities and wellbeing. The AAL Programme, together with Nesta’s Challenge Prize Centre welcomes organizations, individuals and startups from the Nordics and Baltics to apply for Smart Ageing Prize.

The Smart Ageing Prize is a Europe-wide competition for the most promising solutions using technology for active ageing. This year its main theme is products and services that use innovative digital technologies to support older people to participate fully in social life.

It is important to note that this is not a competition for medical devices or those that focus solely on health and care needs. The competition is looking for innovative products and services that facilitate new ways to engage older people in social and stimulating activities and promote active and connected ageing.

After the deadline on Friday, 30 March 2018, the judging panels will select 15 semi-finalists that will receive further support for the prototype development. Applicants must have a working prototype, or be able to produce one for demonstration at the mentoring academy in May 2018. The challenge prize is awarded in October 2018. Each team’s main objective should be to win its first paying customers within 12-18 months. The projects should be able to deliver a measurable improvement in the number of older adults participating in social activities.

Live social = live longer


Evidence from research studies suggests that it is important for older individuals to maintain their relationships with friends for a better quality of life and health. As it may not be as easy in practice as it is in theory, the organizers of the competition believe that technology can act as a tool for stimulating social experiences and connecting with others. That is why digital innovation to meet older people’s requirements and wishes are at the heart of this challenge prize.

The prize will provide small financial incentives and mentoring support to selected applications to develop their business. The winners will be receive a prize totalling €50,000. The first prize, second prize and judges’ choice will receive €35,000, €10,000 and €5,000 respectively.

The deadline for applications is March 30, 2018. To apply for the prize and find out further information, visit