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Setterwalls looks comfortable at the top of Chambers Fintech rankings

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While holding three rewards referred to Joacim Johannesson , Niklas Follin and Andreas Löfholm, Setterwalls Advokatbyrå hit the peak of Chambers Fintech ranking once again.

The ranking for the most prominent law firms within Fintech in Sweden is listed once a year. The list includes many prominent law firms and lawyers from different areas. Fintech is one of them. Setterwalls secures its place at the peak point yet again. One of the company’s agencies in Sweden. Chambers dug the Swedish market regarding the Fintech area and settled on Setterwall as the most distinguished law firm.

Setterwalls’ footsteps in Fintech

Founded in 1878, Setterwalls Advokatbyrå is an independent law firm with 260 employees operating from Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö.  The firm’s managing team includes Henrik Kjellander (Executive Partner and MP Stockholm), Minna Skyman (CEO Gothenburg), Marc Tullgren (MP Malmoe). The firm provides services related to all areas of business law for most industries. It is not just one of Sweden’s leading full-service business law firms, but the oldest one as well.

The firm’s FinTech team provides services when the clients requires advices on financial services regulation, alternative lending and/or data protection. The firm also broaden its offerings having their back in cross-border transactions, blockchain, and intellectual property. Setterwalls is interested in working within some specific areas such as startups, financial institutions and investors.

Setterwalls wind in Chambers

The independent ranking institute proceeds its research worldwide and comes up with the annual ranking lists. According to Chambers, the company’s services are strong and broad in the Fintech-specific areas. The firm also is ranked in Chambers Global 2021 and Europe 2021.

“Chambers is one of the leading ranking institutes and we are very proud to maintain our top ranking from last year. We have long focused on Fintech and worked on these issues at an advanced level; these awards are proof of how strong we are both individually and as a team,” says Joacim Johannesson, the leader of Setterwall’s Fintech group.

Chambers consulted the research hundreds of thousands of responses from clients. Some of them shared their opinions on some specific members of the team.

setterwallsA client commented on Andreas Löfholm, counseling in regulatory compliance, financial infrasturaction and payment services as a part of the Fintech team and blockchain groups.
“I have gained a lot of trust in Andreas. He is very professional and has great competence in his field. In addition, Andreas is very trustworthy and he has shown great interest in our challenges and created value for our business.”
setterwallsAs to Joacim Johannesson who advises startups as well as established companies and investors on an international level, a client stated.
“very seasoned and experienced, with good tone and service-mindedness, a good balance between business and law, and a way to establish relationships across the board.”
setterwallsNiklas Follin, IT/IP and tech specialist  and a senior associate in the team was mentioned.
I have worked with him in relation to different matters with varying levels of complexity, and he has always proved to be dedicated, extremely knowledgeable and, in particular, very easy to work with.
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