Scred explores new business models

    Scred, a Finnish community-oriented cost balancing tool, which initially focused on balancing debts and shared expenses among a group of friends announced that they are looking into new possibilities to leverage their back-end infrastructure.

    Scred has partnered with Alternative Party which will be held in Helsinki in the coming October. Scred built an inexpensive bespoke ticketing service for the party with which you can reserve, buy and print the tickets straight from the web. Tickets are also machine verifiable which is more than many other service providers offer.

    Kristoffer Lawson from Scred told us that the new service is currently not available for 3rd parties, but that they they will see how the first deployment will go and add some features before deciding whether it’s the right path to take. According to Kristoffer tickets can be currently bought via PayPal and ‘couple of banking services’, but the credit card option is on its way.

    The party in itself is the second largest ‘demoscene-party’ in Finland after Assembly. Alternative Party aims to mix demos, music and art. Unlike Assembly, Alternative Party’s focus is more on artistic shows and activities and there is practically no gaming.

    There is starting to be a lot of activity in the e-commerce infrastructure space coming from Finland. Scred seems to be gradually heading that direction and Fruugo is looking into becoming the “trusted 3rd party of ecommerce”. Based on Fruugo’s still mysterious website we will find out what they will actually offer in more detail later in 2008 when they’re planning to launch. This is something that might also be of interest to Scred since after knowing what Fruugo is aiming for Scred can better adjust their product offering to the market.