Sayduck's Augmented Reality Furniture Shopping App Accepted To Seedcamp

    Every now and then a company will come along seemingly just to remind you that “the future” is here already, sort of. Helsinki-based Sayduck is one of those companies, and has created an innovative new service to allow users to shop for and pick out furniture using augmented reality.

    The iPhone and iPad app lets shoppers virtually visualize objects in their homes from any angle, providing the obvious benefits of seeing how furniture looks in your room and fits your decor. And after competing last month in Tallinn, Sayduck announces it has been accepted to the London-based Seedcamp incubator.

    The 3D models run smoothly in real time, allowing a user to convincingly see how the object would look in their home in real time. The app and can create convincing projections including horizontal reflections, soft shadows, and so on.

    The only limitation of this technology is that the app needs a “target marker” to know where to virtually place the object in the room. Sayduck has demoed their product with a specific sheet of paper laid on the desired area, and has come up with a few ideas of how to get a similar object into users hands. Users could download and print the marker, furniture retailers could distribute markers, or a marker could be physically mailed after an in-app purchase. Also, because the target marker really can be anything, the Sayduck app could also recognize a catalog cover or a magazine ad.

    To get their product to market, Sayduck is offering co-branded solutions, such as their soon-to-be-launched app with One Nordic Furniture Company. These co-branded apps provide the virtualization functions, and can also include a store finder, online purchasing options, and social media connections.

    The company is also creating Sayduck Marketplace, an all in one app that would allow manufacturers to include products in one marketplace for shoppers to visualize in their homes. Sayduck would then provide online purchasing options.

    Sayduck co-founder Niklas Slotte tells us that the acceptance to Seedcamp is a great opportunity for the company, saying he really didn’t realize how big the event is and the traction you get worldwide. The standard €50 000 Seedcamp investment will now allow the three founders to concentrate solely on this project.