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Sales Task App 'GetSalesDone' Raises $1.2 Million From Creandum, DN Capital And 14 Angels

When we first heard that two VC’s and 14 angels jumped on an investment into GetSalesDone by Dexplora, it got us more interested than the pitch itself. In fact, at that point the pitch did not really matter as the investors included the likes of Adrian McDermott (Zendesk Product Management lead), Frank Meehan (Former board member of Siri and Spotify), Chris Perret (Founder and CEO of Nukona, acquired by Symantec) and John Taysom (One of the first investors in Yahoo!). Not to mention Creandum and DN Capital.

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To be completely honest, we are still not sure what is the bigger story here, the company itself or the complexity of what started out as an angel seed investment round. After all the CEO and co-founder – Hampus Jakobsson tells us that “the development cost of the app and the system was less than legal costs to close the round.” Talk about complicated Term Sheet Battles.

So what set all of these investors off to invest into Dexplora and GetSalesDone? Well, for one – the team. Jakobsson and Mikael Tellhed co-founded TAT which was acquired by Blackberry in 2010 for $150 million. Then there is the vision to make CRM inputs obsolete using a clever combination of user experience mechanics and artificial intelligence. There are two sides to the story the client side and the server side.

The client side is currently an iPhone app that basically acts like an intelligent task app for sales. As Jakobsson told us: “a normal task app, they always have the good and the bad side, but they do not know what the context is. If you are writing ‘don’t forget to call Hampus’, it doesn’t know who Hampus is. What we have done is a task app which has the context of sales. When you are saying ‘Ham…’ it says Hampus Jakobsson. You click ‘yes’. It sees the context.” In essence it is a task driven way of creating content on CRM’s. This allows for an extremely fast way to create tasks and get them logged.

The server side is a bit more complicated and ambitious. For instance one of the main features is an ability to create rules for notifications and changes and then compare the efficiency of those rules. If you are familiar with ‘If This Then That’ then GetSalesDone provides similar functionality but for the enterprise. You will also be able to set KPI’s, goals and measure data quality, forgotten opportunities and more.

So all in all, the idea behind GetSalesDone is to bring what is the most important right now and allow users to act on it. In my opinion what is most interesting about the premise is that it might actually end-up being a tool and not a reporting system, which is what most CRM’s currently are. Coming from a sales background, I can safely say that 95% of CRM systems out there slowed me down, with a possible exception of Pipedrive.

Currently the platform only support SalesForce and iPhones however they are planning to expand to other CRM’s, introduce other platforms and also go Desktop. When asked why the company chose to focus on mobile first, Jakobsson tols us: “Of course we will create desktop products around this. We started TAT in 2002 and we met so many companies that started with a desktop experience and tried to get it on mobile. A couple of years ago it was a hype saying ‘mobile first’ but I think its so easy to say mobile first and its another thing living and really understanding it. We really feel that the only way to do this is to create something mobile and take that desktop because then we are getting the right focus.”

There are already 50 companies using the system and I am told that they are happy campers and the video does look like something I would use, so perhaps the 14 angels and two VC’s did in fact all jump to the right conclusion, time will tell. Hopefully the tie to already existing CRM’s is a strategic move and not a lifelong strategy as CRM’s really need to be fixed and/or proven obsolete.

To get an idea of how it works, here is a video:

GetSalesDone from Dexplora on Vimeo.

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