Top List of Russia's Largest Internet Firms (And Up-And-Comers) has ranked the top internet companies in Russsia based on revenue, which shows some impressive numbers for their limited geographic range. Yandex, the online search giant, leads in front of, who have $690 million and $515 million in revenue respectively.  Utkonos, the internet-based supermarket chain came in third with $300 million. Forbes did not include subsidiaries of international corporations, like Google, in the rankings.

    1. Yandex ($690 million) – search engine and search & contextual advertising

    2. ($515 million) – display and contextual advertising, online games and social services

    3. Utkonos ($300 million) – grocery sales

    4. AnywayAnyday ($189 million) – airline ticket booking and sales

    5. ($184 million) – online shopping mall

    6. ($166 million) – online shopping of white goods

    7. ($160 milion) – online shopping club and e-commerce platform for Russian retailers

    8. Vkontakte ($152 million) – social network services

    9. RBC ($150 million) – display advertising and social services

    10. Biglion ($140 million) – daily deal services

    While these are the giants, another list worth checking out is a top 10 list of Russian startups compiled by Quintura, the visual-based search engine. This list has more of the up-and-comers, which include (online travel), ZeptoLab (creators of the popular Cut The Rope mobile games), and Biglion (daily deals) in the top three. You can find the whole list on the Quintura blog.