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Routa Distillery Wants To Introduce Finnish Moonshine To The World

Roots deeply in Finnish nature, the company wants to revitalise also classic moonshine for the domestic market.

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When in 2014 Aate Laukkanen – the grand old man of Finnish moonshine and the founder of Kiteen Pontikka distillery – announced to retire, the future of Finnish moonshine was in jeopardy.

Routa Distillery was founded to save the tradition of producing the most famous Finnish moonshine of Kiteen Pontikka. Their crowdfunding campaign aims to building one of the first crowd-owned distilleries in the country – and to expand the operations both in Finland and globally.

Routa Distillery owners can actively take part in the development of the company via the Routa owner community Photo: Routa

As “home-cooking” moonshine has long traditions in Finland, the younger generation has not really taken the products as their own. Routa aims to change this by rebranding and relaunching moonshine.

Their first product has been announced to be inspired by the crowdfunded movie Iron Sky and its upcoming sequel ‘Iron Sky: The Coming Race’.

The company also plans to start product development of milder alcoholic beverages while not excluding non-alcoholic products from their strategic outlines either.

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