Riga's Cobook Acquired by Denver-Based FullContact

    In exit news, Denver-based FullContact has acquired Riga-based Cobook, meaning the Cobook team will soon be moving to snowy, smoky Colorado. Cobook is a favorite app of ours as we use the Mac app fairly regularly to manage contacts. The program allows you to easily add new contacts and information through it’s intuitive uni-bar, and the app also plugs into social networks like LinkedIn to find pictures and other information.

    I also put the Cobook app on my phone for a little bit, without really using it. I suppose if you have to do some heavy management and search on the go, you would find it useful. But for me, I nearly always have my laptop on me and the iPhone’s contact search does as good as a job as I need.

    The financial details of the acquisition were not announced. Cobook was founded in 2011, a year later receiving a €192,088 investment by HackFwd, acquiring a 30.03% stake in the company.

    “It’s been FullContact’s quest to solve the world’s contact information problem. As we like to say: ‘If you’ve got an address book, you’ve got an address book problem.’ FullContact has always aimed to solve this problem by providing a ridiculously smart, unified address book in the cloud,” says Bart Lorang, CEO of FullContact on their blog.

    “With the acquisition of Cobook, the plan is to provide our users with the same unified address book capabilities on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Together, we’ll eventually provide users a seamless contact management experience experience on any device.”

    On the Cobook blog, Founder Kaspars Danicus writes:

    “Sometimes in business, like in life, things just make sense. The values of both of our companies align, and joining them together helps us to expand Cobook to users outside of Apple. We will be able to bring you even more features, and your contacts will have more information than they ever had before.”

    More information can be found on FullContact and Cobook’s blog