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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Finnish startup welcomes Markus Räikkönen as an Advisor and Angel Investor

Helsinki-based ReOrbit continues to grow with the addition of Markus Räikkönen as an Advisor and Angel Investor (part-time) to the company. The startup offers a state-of-the-art small satellite platform that can inter-network and autonomously operate in orbit with a software-first approach, which allows flexible and timely space missions in any orbit. Markus Räikkönen’s expertise in business growth and his advocacy for the tech industry in the Nordic-European region make him an asset to ReOrbit as they strive to expand globally and adapt to the changing needs of the geopolitical landscape. His knowledge will be valuable as ReOrbit seeks to enhance its software-defined satellite architecture to meet the demand for essential communication services.

“With Finland’s strengths in research, technology, and co-creation, which enable a fertile soil for space innovations and an upward trajectory for the space sector, it becomes ever more important to champion trailblazing companies like ReOrbit. I am thrilled to be joining a world-class team and support it in the journey of creating the most compelling data flow company of the new space era,” said Markus Räikkönen.

As we continue to drive value for the space industry internationally, we are taking another big step forward with the addition of Markus Räikkönen as an Advisor and Angel Investor to our business,” stated Sethu Suvanam, CEO & Founder of ReOrbit. “As an experienced growth builder and a strong supporter of the Nordic-European tech ecosystem, Markus believes that the future of ReOrbit lies with the company’s ability to bring its powerful software-defined satellite architecture to meet the need for critical communications in the evolving geopolitical landscape. His knowledge and experience will be of great value for ReOrbit, as the company aims to scale its international growth.”

ReOrbit manufactures autonomous & inter-networking satellites that are optimized for efficient and reliable delivery of customers space-related data. ReOrbit is creating the most compelling in-space data flow company of the new space era by augmenting world’s information use via space.

ReOrbit works with leading customers in security, satcom and Earth observation. The technology is supported by a partnership with the European Space Agency.

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