Propose A Name For The Arctic 'CrunchBase'

    nordic crunchbaseWe have many times been at lost when we have not been able to find adequate information on the startups we’ve wanted to cover at ArcticStartup. Similarly we have heard many investors and startups complain how there are no adequate directory where the investors could find potential investments or the startups could register themselves for the press and investors to find them.

    Just like we like to see ArcticStartup weblog serve those interested in Nordic and Baltic startups, we want to provide other tools for our readers that contribute to our common cause, namely to encourage entrepreneurship and to help create a radically optimistic entrepreneurial culture here in the Nordics and Baltics.

    To do this, we figured that we better start listing those companies and what a better way to do that than to build a CrunchBase-like directory of all the startups coming from the region.

    We believe that even though one can list a Nordic or Baltic startup in CrunchBase or in Tradevibes it will not do justice to the many startups we have in Northern-Europe as the great number of US based startups will outnumber the Nordic and Baltic ones many fold. This naturally means less visibility and publicity for the non-US ones. Also, by registering your startup to our directory you will greatly improve the changes of us writing your startup.

    The Arctic CrunchBase will be ready soon, but we’re still unsure what we should call it. This is where we figured you, our readers, could help out. Propose a name in the comments and we’ll announce the winning name and the person who came up with it as soon as we make our mind. Thanks!