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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Norwegian startup Presail has raised $1.6M to make it easy to manage investments in web 3.0

Oslo-based startup Presail has raised 1.6 million dollars for its platform which offers an overview of everything related to presales. The platform enables the management of all kinds of fundraising activities. The seed round is led by Skyfall Ventures, with the participation of many key actors including some of the most influential innovators in Web 3.0. The funding will help the company to make the platform more user-friendly and secure while enlarging its team to boost growth.

Presail closes $1.6M seed round to simplify Web 3.0 Investments

Presail announced the closure of its equity seed round, raising $1.6 million from a series of reputable venture capital firms and strategic angel investors.

Only 5 months in, the startup already has a world-class syndicate of VC funds and investors that believe in them.

The round was led by Skyfall Ventures, accompanied by industry-leading funds like Weekend FundGlobal Founders Capital, and Kraken Ventures. Also participating in the round is a powerhouse of key strategic angel investors, including some of the most influential innovators in Web 3.0.

Presail, Skyfall Ventures, Espen MalmoEspen Malmo, the Managing Partner at Skyfall Ventures, had this to say:

“Blockchain technology has made digital ownership a reality. As a natural extension of digital ownership, one of the first and most obvious blockchain use cases has proven to be fundraising. However, in the immature and fast-growing web3 industry tools to efficiently and securely manage early-stage fundraising processes are lacking.

We love when founders experience a problem, which the Presail founders did in this case, searches for a solution and decides that they’re the ones that need to solve the problem by building a new innovative product!”

The goal of the seed round is to accelerate the company’s vision of making fundraising in Web 3.0 more user-friendly, secure, and compliant. The funds will be used to scale up its team and ensure the continued growth of the platform.

“We can’t wait to speed up the releases of impactful new features for our users and to keep automating the tedious manual tasks that organizations and investors face while managing investments.”

  • Skyfall Ventures — A leading Nordic seed fund with a long and strong track record from blockchain and web3.
  • Weekend Fund — Led by Ryan Hoover, founder of Product Hunt. Weekend Fund has an LP collective of some of the most exceptional founders in tech.
  • Global Founders Capital — One of the largest and most respected funds in Europe. Their knowledge in scaling and commercializing is unique.
  • Kraken Ventures — The venture arm to one of the largest crypto exchanges worldwide.
  • Avlok Kohli, CEO of AngelList Venture — AngelList has pioneered and lowered the barriers for angels and fund investors in traditional finance.
  • Aleksander Larsen, COO, and founder SkyMavis — The maker of the world’s most-played NFT game, Axie Infinity.
  • Trevor McFedries, CEO of Dapper Collectives — The maker of NBA Top Shot and FWB DAO.
  • Thuc Tuan Hoang, CEO and founder of Firi — The largest Nordic-based cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Sabrina Hahn — Part of the core team at ConstitutionDAO and active VC investor in web3.
  • Shawn Xu, Partner at On Deck.
  • Philippe Klintefelt Collet, Partner at Global Founders Capital.
  • Einar Braathen, investor at CoinFund.
  • Kjetil Holmefjord & Henrik Hatlebrekke, Norwegian early-stage investors.
  • Abid Ali Teepo, COO Kantega.

Community-driven funding allows anyone, anywhere, to come together to raise funds for a common cause.

Presail, Weekend Fund, Ryan HooverRyan Hoover, the Managing Partner at Weekend Fund, had this to say:

Some of today’s most successful companies take a laborious process in a booming market and eliminate steps. Presail has quickly established itself as the core infrastructure for a growing number of web3 investors, shaping the future of community-driven funding.”

The growth of DEFI has created a surge of new community-driven VCs. These VC communities connect with upcoming Web 3.0 projects, and enable people to pools funds and invest as a collective at an early stage.

This has created a shift that fundamentally changes how fundraising works in Web 3.0. A million-dollar investment done through one big VC, has in many cases been replaced by 1000 investors investing $1000 each.

Over 100 million dollars has been processed on the platform in less than 150 days. The 100 million dollar question is — why are all these communities that raise funds using Presail?

The quick answer? Managing deals, contributions and distributions in Web 3.0 is a painNot only for the community-based VCs but also for all the individual investors that are part of these communities.

Presail started as a solution for automating tedious tasks while managing its own investments, like tracking TGEs, figuring out vesting schedules, and calculating allocations. It didn’t take long for them to understand that they are not the only ones facing these problems.

The simple fact is — Presail isn’t a product of a brainstorming session, it is a result of years of doing early-stage investments. With its understanding of early-stage investments, the company has been able to identify the complex roadblocks Web 3.0 communities face, by solving specific issues through client feedback.

Presail has now become the primary management fundraising solution for some of the biggest VC communities in crypto. As a direct result, thousands of hours have been saved and reallocated to sourcing new investment opportunities for these communities, and manual tasks have been eliminated.

Over 15.000 investors in these VC communities have gone from being their own accountants to getting a complete overview of their investments in a Presail dashboard. All it takes is the 1 click of connecting your wallet, and you have access to real-time updates of all your deals. For free.

It is important to clarify that the platform helps you manage Web 3.0 investments from A-Z. From the very first contribution to the last distribution.

Any type of fundraising can be made on Presail. Whitelists? KYC? Launchpad? NFTs? All supported. Want to distribute tokens to thousands of investors? The platform makes it possible through 1 transaction. Create tier-based deals? They got you covered.

This is just a fraction of what Presail can do from within a single interface. One app that solves everything related to the fundraising process. It is not only for you to get an overview and eliminate manual tasks, but for your community, so they don’t have to either.

And at the core of everything, what matters most to them is creating scalable solutions that are secure and compliant. They don’t just want to make life easier for those who manage investments, but also want to eliminate counter-party risk and legitimize the entire early-stage fundraising space.

presail, Global Founders Capital, Philippe Klintefelt ColletPhilippe Klintefelt Collet, Partner at Global Founders Capital, had this to say:

“Web3 investment communities may be decentralized, but their processes are neither trustless nor efficient. Presail is changing this by providing a platform handling all stakeholders and their allocations in a secure and structured way. By facilitating a more efficient investment process, Presail enables communities to invest and operate at a whole new scale.”

The future of fundraising is community-driven. The future of DEFI is regulated. They want to empower anyone who does fundraising in Web 3.0 with the tools to be ahead of the curve in terms of scalability, security, and compliance.

Presail, Kraken Ventures, Laurens De PoorterLaurens De Poorter, Head of Europe at Kraken Ventures, had this to say:

“One of the largest cultural effects of crypto is the dissemination and democratization of early-stage investing. A lot of this change is driven bottom-up by investing communities, DAOs, and more. Presail’s strong growth shows that they provide these communities with the ideal set of tools needed in all stages of the investment process.

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