Finnish way to get pregnant? App

Finnish startup iSTOC has announced its Lotus mobile app for pregnancy and fertility solution. It says the app significantly improves chances for women to get pregnant, admitting though it cannot do it alone.

“Lotus is more than ovulation test, a pregnancy test or a pregnancy tracking. It is a comprehensive solution design that will bring certainty and help women and couples to find their natural timing,” said Jarmo Järvenpää, CEO of iSTOC.

Lotus App gives advice on when to take ovulation test and detects the user’s most fertile days. The app will also guide users to take the test on the right day and even estimates the pregnancy week. The set consists of a urine test which can be scanned by Lotus App for accurate interpretation. The app is free, but the monthly price for the service, including ovulation and pregnancy test, is 35 euros.

Coming to Europe

The 2012-launched startup’s roots extend to Nokia and it’s headquartered in Oulu. The firm launched the service first in China and plans to next penetrate Finnish, Danish, and German markets.

“The results and customer feedback from Asia are encouraging,” said Järvenpää. “So it was a natural step t0 build Lotus to the western market.”