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Positive Games From Finland's Increasingly Deserted Countryside

Neighbourhood game studio Parta Games stays in nostalgic mode with their second title Choppa.

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After Go! Go! Meatball was launched last summer, Parta Games co-founders Antti Kolehmainen and Ville Herranen decided that it was time to create a physics-based game in a setting that gives players the opportunity to save lives rather than take them.

“We wanted to create a compact high-quality mobile game with rather quick timetable,” describes Kolehmainen. That is how Choppa, an arcade and action game with touch controls and procedurally generated stages, was born.

Choppa has been under development since November 2015 and will be launched globally on April 21st. With 80’s style rock music and main character called Rick Guiver, the game certainly offers a good portion of retro to the players.

“Nostalgy is a big part of our game developing philosophy. The goal of the player in our games is always to help the traditionally thought ‘good person’ against ‘the bad guys’,” describes Kolehmainen.

The only countryside gaming studio has no plans to change their style in the future either.

“We also keep up the retro attitude in our games with the challenges, so it’s always extremely hard to break the records,” adds Kolehmainen.

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