Playmysong Partners with US Commercial Jukebox Supplier NSM Music

    Helsinki-based Playmysong is seeing some traction in the US after partnering with NSM music to bring paid song requests to bars and other venues around the states.

    The NSN app is a little different than what Playmysong has been doing in Europe with their own app and commercial music supplier, Mood Media, which locations pay for in exchange for patron enjoyment and sharing options for advertising. With the NSM partnership, customers get a limited number of free songs for checking in with Facebook, Foursquare, or tweeting about the place on Twitter. After that, customers have to pay for each song request.

    Customers pay $0.50 per song request, and the venue owner gets $0.10 out of that request.

    Bars have a quick setup if they’re already NSM customers, they just need to launch the Playmysong NSM Jukebox with a connected iPad, and then can start earning a revenue share from the paid song requests.

    Aditionally, these bars or venues get branded jukebox pages for the venue, digital TV display, marketing materials, and customized thank-you messages for in-bar marketing.

    “Our mission is to give people the power to influence the music around them everywhere they go,” says Rami Korhonen, CEO and co-founder of Playmysong. “And this joint service with NSM Music allows us to do it in a way that benefits bars, bar patrons and rights holders,”

    As someone who likes all the free Playmysong jukeboxes around Helsinki, my first response to the news was “paid jukeboxes are lame,” but heaven forbid they try a new revenue model. It should be interesting to see how many bars they can hit by the end of the year with this new partnership, rather than selling their solution door to door.