Personal Graffiti For Your Home: SprayPrinter Launches On Indiegogo

Next time you look at the wall painted with spray cans it might look a lot more like art and a lot less than scribble you would like to remove from walls or buildings.

Tartu-based SprayPrinter launched on Monday crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, seeking to raise 20,000 US dollars.

SprayPrinter has come out with a unique proposition. The user needs to download its application to a smartphone, choose the image, attach the SprayPrinter nozzle to a spray can, point the phone towards the wall and start “printing” anything.

Inventor and co-founder Mihkel Joala was inspired by a modern car engine and the Nintendo Wii console. “Engines nowadays use extremely fast valves to spray fuel to a combustion chamber, I realized I can use them to shoot paint with pinpoint accuracy,” he said.

SprayPrinter uses a print module and a camera module. The print module, the nozzle, is a device that is moved by hand to spray paint on the wall. The camera module is the smartphone, which tracks the position of the printer. SprayPrinter mobile app breaks an image down into pixels, calculates their exact position and tells the printer exactly when to open the valve. The result is an image that is printed on the wall one pixel at a time.

You can buy your own SprayPrinter for 149 dollars, with fastest buyers getting their products in July.

SprayPrinter says it will offer also a platform that brings together artists and home-owners. “The platform enables to upload artwork and find customers for it all over the world. Anyone interested in printing the design can download it from the same app by paying the fee that the artist has set,” the company said.