OutHack: The Search For Truth About Finns

Finns are a magical mystery. From the recently viral Finnish nightmares, to the best gaming companies in the world, to sauna habits – it’s fair to say that this is one interesting nation. However what really makes Finns tick is not exactly known. We decided to find out by taking you on a trip to one of the most unforgettable locations in Finland and then letting you have access to unseen amounts of data on Finland in our new hackathon – Outhack! The event is free of charge.

Together with Bisnode, on the 21st of October, we are going to take you on a bus to a former Presidential Villa, which was visited by some of the most powerful men on earth such as Gorbachev and Gerald Rudolph Ford. There, we will start our hackathon, which is definitely going to take a new spin from other hackathons that you may have heard of. We only have 45 spots, so register quickly. There is space for developers, designers and entrepreneurs.

Previously Sealed-Off Data About Finland

The hackathon will open up data about Finland that was not previously available and will include: municipality data, debt numbers, BRIC/Suomi360 classifications and much more. All data is fully anonymized and you can play around with it freely. What do you want to know about Finns and people in general?

How population movement and debt levels affect real estate prices? What about area developments and population movements?

With this amount of unique data – the possibilities are endless. “We’re challenging participants to create visual tools to help understand what complex data tells us about consumers and predicting their behavior”, Pär Österlund, Director of Operations comments.

Different Take on Hackathons

We have been to countless amount of hackathons and we love what some of them do, such as our friends at Ultrahack or Garage48. However, we wanted to do something different. In Outhack, we will take you to remote locations, surrounded by nature – letting your mind fully focus on the hackathon.

However in addition to that, we will also have a parallel program full of activities such as great food, smoked sauna, mediation and more.

We like to push our events to the limit and only make events that we ourselves would like to go to. Villa Upinniemi is a place we have been to many times and hosting a remote hackathon focusing on data, while having access to the nature that is otherwise completely inaccessible seemed like a perfect combination.

The event will take place on the weekend of 21nd – 23rd of October and anyone can register to the event, which is limited to 45 participants. Registration closes October 7.