Ordimo Is Your Fast Lane For Food Orders

Garage48 is about being quick, efficient and productive in the shortest possible time. You have a problem that needs a solution and all you have are a mere 48 hours or so to deliver a prototype. I think that is exactly the reason why many ideas springing from the event are about being quick and effective and “to wait” just seems a bit too alien for each. That’s exactly what Ordimo thought when it found the “wait” in waitress and thought about removing it altogether.

The startup launched at the Garage back in January is about providing a new take on self service for restaurants and bars. What Ordimo does is that it transforms your smartphone into a mobile waitress, where customers can order their items before they enter the restaurant. This translates to a quicker serving and more satisfied customers who don’t have to wait in line to place their orders.

So how does Ordimo work?

That’s pretty simple to begin with. All you need to do is launch the QR code on your smartphone and begin the ordering. Users are displayed a menu or rather a category of good items that range from Salads, Soups and Pasta to Desserts and Drinks. Customers can expand each category to order the food items make a selection and their order is added. Each item in the category has a brief description to let you know what exactly you are ordering.

You can add multiple orders in the same go. Each of the orders are placed neatly as notifications at the bottom right of your page and once you are done with selection of food items you can click on Order to proceed to the next level. This is about confirming your order and giving you a chance to remove any item that you think is extra. Hit accept and you are good to have your order delivered right to your table.

Customers can also call for a Waiter via the button at the bottom right or order the bill as well. Overall I think Ordimo is quite a useful tool to quicken ordering and reduce the stress caused during the rush hours when there are too many customers. The only problem I think is that it is limited to smartphone rich regions and wherever people aren’t all using smartphones. For regions such as this area, I think there can be one standalone unit to take orders from customers. Again that’s just one way I see it expanding outside smartphones and to other regions as well. I am sure the people behind the project have something up their sleeve for the same.

Ordimo was launched in Helsinki, Garage48 back in January, 2011.