Opportunity To Make A Dent In The Universe – An Application Away

    Lately I have seen more and better startups sprung up in the Nordics than ever before in ArcticStartup’s existence. I hope we have helped in building that momentum and we sure try to do even more in the future.

    A challenge that goes hand in hand with more startup teams forming in the region is the need to hire great talent. Every week I hear entrepreneurs talking about the challenge to find the talent to grow their business into new heights. And every week I tell them to post their open positions to our Jobs section. Too often they tell me that they forgot there was actually a venue for that very thing. Consider this as a collective reminder. Actually, consider it almost an executive order to put those jobs up there on the job board – for an opportunity to work on an interesting product you will not only get applications from Nordics, but talent from all over the world. Many of the most successful startups have had developers in every continent during their early years. Not only will you get great talent to help you grow your company, but you might also give lost corporate souls a meaning back to the lives. There’s only so many pointless Power Point decks a person can do.

    And you, the lost corporate souls out there. We all agree it’s unfortunate that you have lost big part of your adult life in cubicles surfing the intranet, sitting in all-hands calls and in endless meetings browsing the growing pile of pointless emails in your Blackberry or E71. Chin up, you still have hope and it doesn’t have to involve US Presidential campaign. This hope is called building amazing products, services and eventually companies with equally amazing and fun people –  getting excited and creating value, making something that matter, changing the world and making a dent in the universe. It’s all here, just an application away. And if the right opening is not there yet, it might be there tomorrow, or next week. Keep checking!

    Take that scare leap. It’s worth it!

    Painting by Hugh MacLeod.