Open Ocean Capital And ArcticStartup Throw Data Science Hackathon With €3000 Prize

    If big data is a macro trend the world is paying attention to, then we really should be looking within Finland to develop more interesting companies. Finland is lucky to be home to some of the best data science universities in the world, and startups like and Zen Robotics are signaling that we could be on the verge of something huge. Pairing our data science talent with additional developers and designers, and we’ve got the winning recipe for many more innovative and exciting companies.

    That’s the logic behind OOHACK HACKATHON 1, a hackathon we’re throwing with Open Ocean Capital with infrastructure supported by Amazon. On October 16th, the day before the doors open to the Arctic15 conference, teams will have 12 hours to dig thorough a rich dataset and develop some ideas for a chance to win €3 000. The three best teams will also be able to present their concepts to the audience at The Arctic15.

    “We have a really interesting dataset that is going to be released in the morning, and then people can either choose to create a predictive model from the data, or can find something interesting from the data and visualize it,” says Riku Seppälä of Open Ocean Capital.

    The event will be all about hacking, and we’ll be supporting the development process by keeping morale high with plenty of food and beer. The Hackathon will be taking place at the Aalto Venture Garage, and anyone with an interest in data science, design, and developing is welcome to attend regardless of skill level. Registration is free, and can be found on theArctic15 website.

    “Data science is one of the fields now where the opportunities are large and still mostly unrealized. We’re already seeing huge advances in science and I’ve seen the possibilities of data science and big data for consumer apps first-hand at,” says Seppälä.

    “We’re hoping to support the data hacker community and catalyze the creation of startups by getting people together to hack. We strongly believe in hacker teams at Open Ocean because of our background in MySQL and have experience in matching hackers with founders with complementary skills.”

    To sign up or find more information please visit the event page.