Onnivators aims to lift Finnish startups

    Startups will find more support in Finland to attract, manage and retain international talent from newly-founded association Onnivators.

    Finding and retaining international talent is one of the key challenges for Finnish startups.

    Melissa Arni-Harden, the head of Onnivators, collects data on talent and company-specific challenges and aligns them with new ideas and solutions for better workforce-integration.

    “Finland is an innovation nation and it needs international talent. Onnivators is a joint decision-making platform to improve integration and professional development. We have the goal to create action points and create meaningful networks for employers, immigrants and the social sector,” Arni-Harden said during an event in Helsinki.

    Onnivators is already supported by a number of public institutions like Tredea Oy, The Ministry of Employment & Economy and The Chamber of Multicultural Enterprises (Finnish Chamber of Commerce) as well as associations like Think Africa, Twinkle, Sino Talent Finland and Kosafi.

    Additionally, free of charge counselling and advisory services for companies and employers in questions related to the international workforce is offered by Finncham’s COME Chamber of Multicultural Enterprises.