One Minute Startup News: Zapter

Hiring is a top priority for all fast-growing companies. Have you ever hired new employees and started their orientation with tons of powerpoint presentations during the first day? Gosh that must have been hard for them.  Our startup of the week, Zapter, turns company’s employee onboarding material into interactive websites – or online handbooks – that can be shared with the new employee before they start.

The platform lets new hires and hiring managers to focus on human interactions rather than going through the basics so the new hires can hit the ground running as soon as possible. Zapter’s handbook templates let users insert text, photos and embedded content such as Google Maps, videos, and various cloud services such as Typeforms and Slideshares. Naturally, the handbooks are easily readable on mobile or desktop. Plus, the platform gives hiring managers access to detailed analytics and other helpful tools to make the first days less stressful.

The CEO of the company Tommi Huovinen told us that the reason to build Zapter was the fact that the new employees always get flooded with information during first few days. There are a lot of information in different places, a lot to learn during first few weeks.

Zapter is coming out of private beta after testing with fast-growing tech companies in the Helsinki-region, such as Vainu and Smarp.