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Nordics turn to AI

The Nordic countries are home to pioneers of deep tech, with groundbreaking research and development in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. However, investments in this field appear to be in short supply partly due to a lack of commercial focus and transparency within the sector.  Nordic.AI aims to fix this, and has taken the first steps towards being a hub of this community with the inaugural Nordic.AI Festival on March 7.   

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Woven together by a select group of entrepreneurs Nordic.AI boasts a top-tier and diverse range of knowledge and creativity. In fact, it counts Corti, one of the most exciting AI companies working today, as one of its progenitors. The March 7 event gathered 160 pioneers in the field to showcase some of the brightest minds in deep tech and discuss smarter solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges.

The one-day festival featured representatives from household names such as Spotify, General Electric, Google Deepmind and Maersk as well as a number of high-impact, Nordic-based organizations who are making waves in the industry. Here’s a quick rundown of these edgy up-and-comers.

Mapillary – Facilitating maps from the eyes of the locals, Mapillary is a tool for expression, knowledge-sharing and even social change. By integrating data from various users from locations across the globe, Mapillary utilizes user input, making 3D reconstructions with image recognition. The implications of this technology are vast and varied. From sharing your favorite bike path to alerting emergency support to areas in need, Mapillary provides low-cost, high impact solutions to users around the globe. What future problems could this technology address? Find out at their afternoon session.

Blackwood Seven – Keeping pace with the racing global economy, rapidly changing markets, shifty political terrain and much more is the biggest challenge when it comes to forecasting, executing and evaluating performance of a business. Luckily, Blackwood Seven brings the latest in AI and ML, calculating factors across multiple channels. Taking a client’s unique data plus the current and predicted future states according to macro and microeconomics, weather forecasts, media consumption, stock market fluctuation and more, Blackwood Seven’s deep tech gives you a glimpse of the future.

The Curious AI Company – If you want to see the far edge of AI, here’s a presentation for you. With its “bioinspired AI research,” The Curious AI Company stretches deep tech to new realms. Their unsupervised learning methods follow the workings of the human brain, with the end goal of building artificial general intelligence. Come to this presentation to learn more about the future of AI.

Arundo Analytics – Combine freakishly smart humans with the amazing capability of ML and big data, and you get Arundo Analytics. Their aim is to collect, process and share data of operators and suppliers as well as to predict events. With this industry-specific big data, Arundo plans to revolutionize a traditional industry into one that is safer, better and more reliable. Just how are they implementing this technology? You won’t want to miss this presentation.

Corti – Sometimes even us humans have a glitch in communicating with one another. Whether you can’t place a reference, are having trouble identifying and reaching your target audience or you’re having a hard time describing your medical state to an emergency technician, Corti will have you covered. With the aim to augment decision making in human communication, Corti compiles big data as well as ML to streamline and enhance our communication in many fields. Learn more about the many end applications of this technology during their afternoon lecture.

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