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Nordic Innovators connects your project to Public Funding

Public calls are supposed to be just that – public. But when you’re going for that big deal with your local or European program sometimes it pays to bring in the big guns to make sure you’re correctly getting across the scope of your project. So whether you’re looking at that Horizon 2020 call or are looking at a specific country-base program, Denmark-based Nordic Innovators, who you’ll be able to meet at the Arctic15, can plug you into the right programs and processes.

While they have a strong focus with Startups and SMEs, the firm also works with researchers on finding the correct funding programs for their projects. An exciting example that mixes the two was a project for NxPAS, a photoacoustic spectroscopy gas sensor integrated with solid-state laster sources that allows doctors to scan a patient’s breath for early disease diagnosis. Though Nordic Innovators they were able to plug into the Eurostars program to develop all their sub-technologies and integrate them into their final device.

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“Nordic Innovators has provided very professional assistance throughout the proposal phase, including matching the project idea to the Eurostars programme, developing and improving the concept, identifying partners, writing and structuring a successful proposal, and finally ensuring that all partners got a common understanding of the overall objective and working process,” says Paul Feng, CEO and Founder of the Copenhagen Photo-Acoustic Corporation. “We are extremely satisfied with Nordic Innovators specialised team and the work they have completed securing our success – is not the last time we will use Nordic Innovators’ services.”

Nordic Innovators’ team of consultants can plug into any or all stages of the process, including general consulting or grant scanning, managing the funding application process, negotiating contracts, project management, project delivery, as well as training and workshops to get you prepared.

The team behind Nordic Innovators including Henrik Kemp, Kenneth Junge Hermansen, and Søren Haslund, has more than 30 years of experience in helping European companies and public institutions in obtaining funding. With offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Spain, and France, their team has the breadth to find the right public calls and partners to help your idea take off.

Meetings with Nordic Innovators can be booked through our matchmaking app at the Arctic15, or you can find contact information on their webpage.

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