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Next In IT Security: Aggressive Defence

Next generation of security software protecting corporate IT systems will turn increasingly active – it will redirect attackers to chase ghosts and nab them when they are falling into security traps.

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Tiny Finnish startup Aves Netsec is a European leader in emerging market of deceptive security – and it is a technology which research firm Gartner expects to be used by 10 percent of all enterprises in two years, already in 2018.

“The market is in its infancy, but everyone is talking about it in the security industry,” Aves founder Simo Kohonen told ArcticStartup in an interview.

The company says it has so far just a handful rivals, all with Israeli roots.

“European scene is pretty much us at the moment. It’s a very new market, making a big opportunity for us,” Kohonen said.

The team of three is spending the spring at Cyber London accelerator, working on the startup in Britain until May, and then aims to raise its seed investment there this year.

Aves Netsec admits its product is still at its infancy, but one large European web hosting provider is already testing it. The product will be commercially available next year – and after finishing the upcoming investment round, the company will hire developers to polish the product to perfection.

“It has to be automated and low maintenance to gain adoption,” Kohonen said.

So will Aves Netsec be the next big Finnish tech company in next 3-5 years? Like most Finns Kohonen is a realist.

“It will likely be acquired as its a complimentary offering for so many companies.”

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