The Next Big Thing In Online Dating For The Snapchat Generation

We have got a chance to try the newest breakthrough in online dating – Finnish / Ukrainian dating app Klip. The app appeared on iTunes in January 2017 and was able to get attention from tens of thousands of users. ArcticStartup team members decided to join the app, and here is our review.

Our first reaction was quite obvious – why? Why trying the new dating app, if there’s Tinder, Snapchat and Instagram around?

“Klip helps to see genuine emotions, spontaneous reactions and the smiles of real people you meet online. Forget that old static look, and be ready to show the world who you really are…smile, dazzle, entertain, and more importantly…be yourself!” – explained Niko Porkka, co-founder of Klip.



Here is how the app works. You introduce yourself by creating a short video profile where you answer random 3 questions. No need to type anything – all you’ve got to tell about you should be squeezed in 21 second clip.

Your feed consists of short black and white clips from other people, answering random questions like “Would my mum like you?”, “Sex on first date?”, “What makes you unique?” or more exquisite ones, like “Summer or winter tires?”, “Pizza or pasta”.  Depending on your taste, you can choose boys, girls or both and swipe left or right if you found any of those clips particularly appealing.

Once there is a match, you can start a conversation with your new match or request a video reply to any of your tricky questions.

Founders say Klip is incredibly addictive and we understand why. First of all, video is a much more fun way to meet new person than carefully curated photoshopped images. Secondly, you can see spontaneous reactions of people when they reply to your question. Thirdly, Klip solves the problem of starting the conversation. Very often, most of all matches on Tinder don’t go further than “Hi!”. Surprisingly many people find it hard to start the conversation, and hook the person in the first sentences.  

The only downside we experienced was the length of the clip. Somehow it was a bit challenging to fit the video replying only 21 seconds.  

Our verdict is yes, definitely a must try for the fun of it. The likelihood of matching with someone you’re interested in is quite high, and you get a chance to see the real person before opting in for a date. Download from iTunes and Google Play.